Texas oil and gas

Texas oil and gas

Texas oil and gas

Texas oil and gasTexas oil and gasTexas oil and gas

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 Vision Stone Petroleum, LLC works to identify high quality assets that provide immediate positive cash flow and long life development opportunities from Work Overs to Current Production, Acreage to Turn Key, Shallow or Deep we will entertain ALL. We deal with numerous opportunities throughout the state of Texas. With our extensive Client list, we have numerous resources to accommodate any and all of your needs.  

 Here at Vision Stone Petroleum, LLC, we believe our partners and companies do best when they have the best information available and know each other as humans and businesspeople. That’s why we make every effort to communicate and educate all parties about the company, ongoing projects, and develop permian basin oil and gas

The Team


Ron St. John

Over 38 years experience in oil & gas operations in West Texas, New Mexico, Ohio, and Wyoming.  From the stake to the pipeline.

Robert (Bob) Stephens

Over 40 years experience in the construction and railroad industry. From the design to the build. He started his oil & gas career in the oil fields in Pennsylvania, and Western New York.

We are dedicated to operating responsibly, the environment,  and our partnerships.


We give customers a reason to do business with us. 

Permian Basin, Panhandle, and South Texas


 We currently have oil and gas opportunities in the Panhandle/Permian Basin./South Texas.

Ector County, 650 acres HBP, 100 WI, 80% NRI, 2 gas wells holding lease, targeting the upper and lower Grayburg  and Queen formations.  Re-work the 2 existing wells. Feburary 2020

Pecos County, 434 acres, 100% WI, 80% NRI, deep rights, 1 well drilled and completed in 2015 needs brought on line. 71 BOPD, 251 MCF of gas. 

Maverick County, 100% WI, 80% NRI, 2 wells D&C in 2015, New Lease,  equipped and ready to put on line. Additional acreage available for a low risk drilling program. Targeting the upper  and lower Eagleford. 

Putting wells online February 2020.

Gray County, 100% WI, 80% NRI, 6 wells drilled in 2013 never fully produced and 1 gas well. High BTU gas sold at premium.   Targeting the Granite Wash and Brown Dolmite. Putting back on line Winter of 2019 - 2020.

 We wouldn't do anything with your money that we wouldn't
do with our own! We participate at the same level as our investors.
No carried working interest, low operating expenses.

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